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Richard Pieris Natural Foams Limited first manufactured mattresses in 1952. Research and development in natural rubber underpins our company's philosophy, ensuring customers are getting authentic natural latex. We use only Authentic Natural rubber (100% Polymer) with no petroleum chemical, synthetic fillers, ash or chalk in our production. We comply and manufacture within standards approved by independent institutes for your confidence and comfort.


Outstanding elasticity (due to of 100 % natural latex)

Excellent body support based on sound biochemical and & ergonomic principles ensuring total comfort
Total absence of noise
Self-ventilating and moisture regulating. Body perspiration quickly dissipates & passes out of mattress keeping the user in continuous comfort
Long-lasting durability
Anti-fungal & hygienic
Certified quality guaranteed through stringent & continuous quality control
Outperforming logistical processes resulting in rapid delivery times, high delivery reliability & complete customer satisfaction
Multi purpose applications for domestic & industrial usage
Meets consumers desired comfort level

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